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If you would like to submit a book to Tulika Books, please send a proposal containing a brief description of the content and focus/subject area of the book, table of contents or chapter outline, and information about the author including previous publications. Please do not send chapter samples or the entire manuscript unless we request you to do so.

We suggest that you go through all the information posted on our website, especially our list of books/catalogue, to determine whether your book fits in with our publishing list before sending your proposal.

You may send your proposal by e-mail to:
editorial@tulikabooks.in / indu@tulikabooks.in

Or by post/courier, marked ‘BOOK PROPOSAL’, to:
Tulika Books
44 (first floor)
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi 110049

If you have not heard back from us after four weeks of sending the proposal, please write to us again to make sure we have received your material.

Please note:
We do not publish fiction or poetry.
We are unable to return proposals or manuscripts – so please keep a copy with you as reference.

Proposal guidelines

Your book proposal should include the following.

1. Provisional/proposed title and sub-title.

2. Brief description: The content of the proposed book and its main argument(s) or thesis, summarized in 200-250 words.

3. Full description: The thesis, purpose, methodological approach and general plan for the book, elaborated in 500-750 words. What key issues does the proposed book address? How will the proposed book contribute to the literature of its field? In what way is it distinctive?

4. Chapter outline: A list of all the chapters, and a brief paragraph describing the contents of each chapter. Where relevant, please indicate if any of the chapters have been previously published.

5. Author information: A brief biographical note including your current designation/affiliation, previous books you have written (including publisher and date of publication), articles you have published in journals (including name of journal and date of publication), and any other details relevant to your qualifications as the author of this book.

6. Market: What is the scholarly audience for the proposed book? In which field(s) will it find readership? Is it for a non-specialist, general reader, or for scholars conducting specialized research, or for students/teachers?

7. Competition: A list of key competing books if any; a list of complementary books that may appeal to the intended readership of the proposed book.

8. Additional information and specs: The expected length of the manuscript (i.e. total word count inclusive of notes and references); number of illustrations, figures and/or tables; your estimated schedule for completing the manuscript. Please mention if the book has been submitted to other publishers and any other information relevant to our consideration of the proposal.