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Forthcoming Titles
  1. Agrarian Relations in the Lower Cauvery Delta

    Madhura Swaminathan, V.K. Ramachandran, V. Surjit

    This book discusses agrarian relations in the Lower Cauvery delta, historically part of the ‘rice bowl’ of south India, based on socio-economic studies of two villages in the region. The two vi [...]

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  2. The King’s Plunder, The King’s Bodies

    Rahul Govind

    Focusing on the King’s rights of conquest and prize among other distinctive forms of royal jurisdiction, as well as laws of allegiance and subjecthood, this work establishes the monarchical form [...]

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  3. Capitalism and Individual Freedom

    Prabhat Patnaik

    This book is a discussion of the nature and limits of liberalism. By the term ‘liberalism’ here, the author means the doctrine that gets its most typical exemplification in what have come to be c [...]
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Recent Titles
  1. Revelation of Self in Language

    Suranjana Barua

    Human beings have always been storytellers: civilizations have thrived on stories, cultures have been sustained through stories, and societies have always shared stories as a way to reiterate moral [...]

    INR 950.00
  2. In Search of Answers

    K. Saradamoni

    I believe that we should have a sense of history. In a sense, an autobiography is history. It has in it traces of geography as well. Each new place, the sights t [...]

    INR 995.00
  3. Maps of Sorrow

    Sumangala Damodaran, Ari Sitas

    The book takes readers through the polycentric world of the pre-colonial period in AfroAsia, which involved systems, processes and interactions that were interconnected through trade, slavery and m [...]

    INR 825.00
  4. Fighting Free to Become Unfree Again

    Jan Breman

    Labour bondage is a major feature of the peasant economies that have dominated the subcontinent of South Asia from an unrecorded pre-colonial past until the post-colonial present. Discussing when, [...]

    INR 950.00
  5. Debating Education in India

    Maya John

    The essays in this volume amply highlight that education as a component of cultural inheritance remains a contentious issue. Representing the transfer of knowledge, skill endowment and so on, educa [...]

    INR 995.00
  6. Kasauli Art Centre, 1976–1991

    Belinder Dhanoa

    This book on the Kasauli Art Centre, located at Ivy Lodge, Kasauli – which functioned as a centre for the arts and was actively engaged in numerous art activities for a decade and a half, from 19 [...]

    INR 3,000.00
  7. Self-Knowledge and Moral Identity

    Ranjan Kumar Panda

    ‘To have self-knowledge is to know thyself’ – this philosophical dictum of ultimate knowledge has prevailed in the discourses of the Upanishads and classical Greek philosophy. It is more explici [...]
    INR 995.00
  8. I Know the Psychology of Rats

    Saeed Mirza

    “Why am I writing this book? ... will all of this make sense to my readers? I do not know, but I have to get this off my chest. I have to present this incredibly wonderf [...]

    INR 1,200.00