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Forthcoming Titles
  1. Embedding Subversion and Gender Identity

    Enakshi Nandi

    This book introduces Ulti, a secret language spoken by the Hijra-Koti community in West Bengal, from a sociolinguistic and formal linguistic perspective. It explores the sociopolitical conditions i [...]

    INR 625.00
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  2. Capitalism and Individual Freedom

    Prabhat Patnaik

    This book is a discussion of the nature and limits of liberalism. By the term ‘liberalism’ here, the author means the doctrine that gets its most typical exemplification in what have come to be c [...]
    INR 700.00
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Recent Titles
  1. Another Lens

    Another Lens: Photography and the Emergence of Image Culture, vo [...]

    INR 1,500.00
  2. A Pottery Story

    The book is a simple commemoration of the work of master potter Ira Chaudhuri over seven decades – primarily through more than 150 images of her works, juxtaposed with quotes from the artist. It [...]

    INR 2,500.00
  3. The King’s Plunder, The King’s Bodies

    Rahul Govind

    This book focuses on the King’s rights of conquest, plunder and prize, as well as allegiance and subjecthood, establishing a monarchical form of the British Empire between 1600 and 1900, notwiths [...]

    INR 1,350.00
  4. Economic Change in the Lower Cauvery Delta

    The essays in the book explore the nature and direction of socio-economic change in the lower Cauvery delta. They draw primarily on the results of two census-type, schedule-based surveys of all hou [...]

    INR 1,500.00
  5. Revelation of Self in Language

    Suranjana Barua

    Human beings have always been storytellers: civilizations have thrived on stories, cultures have been sustained through stories, and societies have always shared stories as a way to reiterate moral [...]

    INR 950.00
  6. In Search of Answers

    K. Saradamoni

    I believe that we should have a sense of history. In a sense, an autobiography is history. It has in it traces of geography as well. Each new place, the sights t [...]

    INR 995.00
  7. Maps of Sorrow

    Sumangala Damodaran, Ari Sitas

    The book takes readers through the polycentric world of the pre-colonial period in AfroAsia, which involved systems, processes and interactions that were interconnected through trade, slavery and m [...]

    INR 825.00
  8. Fighting Free to Become Unfree Again

    Jan Breman

    Labour bondage is a major feature of the peasant economies that have dominated the subcontinent of South Asia from an unrecorded pre-colonial past until the post-colonial present. Discussing when, [...]

    INR 950.00