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Forthcoming Titles
  1. Constitutional Concerns

    Kaleeswaram Raj

    The severe setback to India’s polity during the period 2018–21 is distinct and unprecedented. It is inaccurate and erroneous to describe this phase as one of an inform [...]

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  2. Scripting Defiance

    Sumangala Damodaran, Wiebke Keim, Nicos Trimikiniotis, Ari Sitas, Amrita Pande

    This second volume from the authors (along with several others) of Gauging and Engaging Deviance is positioned between the ideas of deviance and defiance, and attempts to uncover ‘s [...]

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  3. The Vanishing Point

    The fading out of celluloid cinema, and the arrival of video and the digital image, mark a tectonic shift in our understanding of representation as an aesthetic and political act. As the cinematic ima [...]
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  4. Self-Knowledge and Moral Identity

    ‘To have self-knowledge is to know thyself’ – this philosophical dictum of ultimate knowledge has prevailed in the discourses of the Upanishads and classical Greek philosophy. It is more expl [...]

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Recent Titles
  1. Farming and Working under Contract

    Contract farming has expanded and deepened its reach under neo-liberalism, alongside the large-scale land acquisitions under way via purchases or lease agreements. Contract farming in high-value ag [...]

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  2. Revolutionary Pasts

    Ali Raza

    In this engaging and innovative history of the communist movement in colonial India, Ali Raza reveals the lives, geographies and anti-colonial struggles of Indian revolutionaries and how they sought t [...]
    INR 925.00
  3. Gujarat, Cradle and Harbinger of Identity Politics

    Jan Breman, Ghanshyam Shah

    Gujarat is one of the leading industrially developed states of the Indian Union. Also known as a laboratory of Hindutva in contemporary Indian politics, it has been ruled by the Bharatiya Jan [...]
    INR 1,200.00
  4. Nagarik

    The journey of Ritwik Ghatak’s Nagarik from the shooting of the film to its release was an extremely chequered one. While it was shot in 1952, three years before Satyajit Ray’s Pat [...]

    INR 375.00
  5. Vasudha Thozhur

    Vasudha Thozhur

    Art Documents, under the SSAF–Tulika Books imprint, is conceived as a series of montaged text and image documents, at once archival, contemporary and contextual. Creatively intro [...]

    INR 1,500.00
  6. The Hunger of the Republic

    The Hunger of the Republic: Our Present in Retrospect (Volume 1 in the India Since the '90s series) is a text and visual assemblage. Across the 1990s and early 2000s, key concepts [...]

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  7. Improvised Futures

    Improvised Futures: Encountering the Body in Performance (Volume 2 in the India Since the 90s series) returns to the embodied subject in performance, from dance to street theatre, [...]

    INR 1,200.00
  8. When Governments Fail

    The Covid-19 pandemic has generated human suffering and economic devastation across the world – but these reflect not just the effects of the disease but the policy failures of governments. The p [...]

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