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Forthcoming Titles
  1. Vasudha Thozhur: Diaries, Projects, Pedagogy 1998–2018

    Vasudha Thozhur

    “This book is a compilation of texts that were written as a response to different compulsions. As the title indicates, it contains diary entries, seminar papers, catalogue essays and excerpts fro [...]

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  2. Improvised Futures: Encountering the Body in Performance

    In an atmosphere of growing authoritarianism, how can we draw attention to performance as a transaction of sensorial agency – the right to be seen, heard, recognized – the right to be palpable? [...]

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Recent Titles
  1. The Hunger of the Republic

    The Hunger of the Republic: Our Present in Retrospect is the first of a series of volumes that turn back to India’s recent history to produce a retrospective account of how our present g [...]

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  2. When Governments Fail

    The Covid-19 pandemic has generated human suffering and economic devastation across the world – but these reflect not just the impact of the disease but the policy failures of governments. The pa [...]

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  3. Capital and Imperialism

    Prabhat Patnaik, Utsa Patnaik

    For sale in India and South Asia only

    Mainstream economics invariably sees capitalism as an isolated and closed system. In this path-breaking book, authors Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat [...]

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  4. A Strategic Myth

    Sehar Iqbal

    Despite being in the news near-constantly, Jammu and Kashmir has been woefully misrepresented – whether by liberal politicians in India who have portrayed the erstwhile state as a dangerous front [...]

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  5. Socio-Economic Surveys of Three Villages in West Bengal

    The fifth in the Socio-Economic Survey series of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies, this book is based on three village surveys conducted in West Bengal, in June–July 2010 and May–June 2015. [...]

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  6. Notes for an Oratorio

    Ari Sitas

    These Notes emerged as an outrage against my daily encounter with both the ugliness and wonder of our material and tactile worlds. They are a poetic, creative and sociological take on our contempor [...]

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  7. Women and Work in Rural India



    Empirical study of women’s work and of women in the diverse labour processes that exist in rural India is meagre. This book seeks to extend our understanding of the [...]

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  8. Portal

    Shan Bhattacharya

    Portal: The Curious Account of Achintya Bose, conceptualized, compiled and reproduced by Shan Bhattacharya, recipient of the Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Grant for Photography, 2015 (instituted by [...]

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