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Forthcoming Titles
  1. Revelation of Self in Language

    Suranjana Barua

    Human beings have always been storytellers: civilizations have thrived on stories; cultures have been sustained though stories and societies have always shared stories as [...]

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  2. Agrarian Relations in the Lower Cauvery Delta

    This book discusses agrarian relations in the Lower Cauvery delta, historically part of the ‘rice bowl’ of south India, based on socio-economic studies of two villages [...]

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  3. Maps of Sorrow

    Sumangala Damodaran, Ari Sitas

    The book takes readers through the polycentric world of the pre-colonial period in Afroasia, which involved systems, processes and interactions that were interconnected through long-distance trade, [...]

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  4. Who is an alien?

    Kumkum Sangari

    Alternative visions of our plural pasts are evacuated and erased, while strategies of labor import, discrimination, racialization, internal colonization, uncertain citizenship, border control, surveil [...]
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Recent Titles
  1. Self-Knowledge and Moral Identity

    Ranjan Kumar Panda

    ‘To have self-knowledge is to know thyself’ – this philosophical dictum of ultimate knowledge has prevailed in the discourses of the Upanishads and classical Greek philosophy. It is more explici [...]
    INR 995.00
  2. I Know the Psychology of Rats

    Saeed Mirza

    “Why am I writing this book? ... will all of this make sense to my readers? I do not know, but I have to get this off my chest. I have to present this incredibly wonderf [...]

    INR 1,200.00
  3. John–Ghatak–Tarkovsky

    Ashish Rajadhyaksha

    In June 2015, students of the Film and Television Institute of India went on a strike. It was initially meant to be no more than symbolic resistance to what they saw as [...]

    INR 1,500.00
  4. Constitutional Concerns

    Kaleeswaram Raj

    The severe setback to India’s polity during the period 2018–21 is distinct and unprecedented. It is inaccurate and erroneous to describe this phase as one of an inform [...]

    INR 595.00
  5. Distress in the Fields

    In 2021, India completed three decades of implementation of economic liberalization policies. This volume is a composite and critical account of Indian agriculture during liberalization. Agricultur [...]

    INR 1,500.00
  6. Scripting Defiance

    Sumangala Damodaran, Wiebke Keim, Nicos Trimikiniotis, Ari Sitas, Amrita Pande

    This second volume from the authors (along with several others) of Gauging and Engaging Deviance is positioned between the ideas of deviance and defiance, and attempts to uncover ‘s [...]

    INR 1,650.00
  7. The Vanishing Point

    The Vanishing Point: Moving Images After Video (volume 3 in the India Since the 90s series) tracks the fugitive afterlife of the moving image ever since the proclaimed death of ce [...]

    INR 1,200.00
  8. Farming and Working under Contract

    Contract farming has expanded and deepened its reach under neo-liberalism, alongside the large-scale land acquisitions under way via purchases or lease agreements. Contract farming in high-value ag [...]

    INR 1,350.00