Musicophilia in Mumbai

This book tracks the place of Hindustani or north Indian music in Mumbai in the long twentieth century, as the city m...

An interview with Noam Chomsky on his book 'What Kind of Creatures Are We?' by Idan Landau

Noam Chomsky is an eminent theoretical linguist, founder of the biolinguistic perspective on language. He is a...

Rethinking the Social Sciences with Sam Moyo

INR 995.00

This book brings together renowned scholars from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to celebrate the lifelong and seminal contribution of Professor Sam Moyo to the social sciences. Sam Moyo was [...]

Alladi Memorial Lectures, Vol. II

Alladi Memorial Trust

INR 695.00

Alladi Memorial Lectures 2: Debates on Constitutional and Other Matters is a collection of essays based on ten lectures delivered from 2005 to 2018. The lectur [...]

K.B. Goel

Shruti Parthasarathy

INR 1,450.00

The history and trajectory of Indian modern art, a little over a century old by broad consensus, has begun to receive close scholarly attention only in the last two or so decades. And within it, it [...]

The National Movement

Irfan Habib

INR 350.00

This volume (People’s History of India, No. 31) takes up the story of the Indian National Movement from 1919, when the first nationalist struggle took place on an all-India scale – the [...]

Displacement and Citizenship

INR 900.00

Displacement and Citizenship: Histories and Memories of Exclusion intends to capture the crises of forced migration, internal displacement due to conflict situations and development-induce [...]

Socio-Economic Surveys of Three Villages in Tripura

INR 600.00

The fourth in the Socio-Economic Survey series of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies (FAS), this book is a field report on agrarian relations in rural Tripura. It is based on a detailed household [...]

The Dancing Poet

Rimli Bhattacharya

INR 995.00

Drawing on a range of visual archives and personal collections, the book casts Rabindranath Tagore as the ‘Dancing Poet’ – in whom the contours of a pan-Indian diversity seek to merge, albeit [...]

The Cultural Economy of Land

Suhita Sinha Roy

INR 595.00

The Cultural Economy of Land: Rural Bengal, circa 1860–1940 is situated at two crossroads of agrarian history. The first is the cyclical seasonality of agriculture and the linear progres [...]