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Islam, South Asia & the Cold War

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Islam, South Asia and The Cold War is a collection of articles written by A.G. Noorani over the last twenty-five years, and published in various dailies and journals to which he has been a regular contributor, including Frontline, The Statesman, The Indian Express, The Illustrated Weekly of India and the Islamabad quarterly Criterion.

The book is divided into three thematic sections – Islam and Muslims, South Asian Themes and Ravages of the Cold War – and provides interesting insights into the issues dealt with, from the perspective of a leading political commentator and legal expert of our times.


A.G. Noorani

A.G. Noorani is Advocate, Supreme Court of India, and a leading constitutional expert and political commentator. He is a regular columnist for Frontline and the author of numerous books, including: Articles 370: A Constitutional History of Jammu and Kashmir, Jinnah and Tilak: Comrades in the Freedom Struggle, India-China Boundary Problem 1846–1947: History and Diplomacy, Indian Political Trials, 1775–1947, Constitutional Questions and Citizens' Rights, The Muslims of India: A Documentary Record (editor), Islam and Jihad: Prejudice versus Reality, the two-volume The Babri Masjid Question 1528–2003: 'A Matter of National Honour' (editor, 2003), the two-volume The Kashmir Dispute, The Destruction of Hyderabad, The Destruction of the Babri Masjid, and, most recently, The RSS: A Menace to India (2019).

'As one of the foremost political analysts of our times, Noorani has used his expertise to the fullest in the selection and arrangement of his essays in three exciting sections…. In short, the book offers an excitingly perceptive analysis of how the political density of the world revolves round the liberal interpretation of Islam, US foreign policy and stability in South Asia.'

A. Faizur Rahman, The Hindu

'Noorani draws upon a masterly set of resources and quotes extensively giving his arguments a rigour that is rare among newspaper and magazine columnists… this volume was long overdue from one of India’s best known columnists as it brings together some of his well known pieces.'

Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed, The Book Review