Celebrating 25 years of publishing excellence


  1. Of Independents, Challenges and Alternatives

    Of Independents, Challenges and Alternatives

    Indira Chandrasekhar talks to Frederick Noronha of her experiences with alternative publishing and more. Interview at the workshop on 'Spreading the Word: Copyright, Dissemination and Independent Publishing' organized by the Independent Publishers' Distribution Alternatives (IPDA) in collaboration with Alternative Law Forum, 24–25 June 2010, Bangalore. Tulika Books is one of the founder-members of the IPDA. Source: https://ipdaindia.wordpress.com/category/video-interviews/
  2. The Tulika Story

    The Tulika Story

    Standing firm by our principles in the face of crises and challenges is not new to us. As we celebrate the 25 years of Tulika Books in all its essence, we move forward, our faith reaffirmed and principles re-consolidated. Look back at Tulika Books with us through these interviews on different occasions with Indira Chandrasekhar, Managing Editor, Tulika Books. INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING: THE TULIKA BOOKS STORY – Indira (Indu) Chandrasekhar Publishers on Publishing: Inside India’s Book Busi[...]
  3. Chandrasekhar of Tulika: ‘Consolidation goes against principles of independent publishing’

    Indira Chandrasekhar is publisher and managing editor, Tulika Books, New Delhi. She began her publishing career with Macmillan India as a junior copy editor and worked for several years as a freelance editor, with brief stints at teaching in Bangalore and Delhi universities in the intervening years, before setting up Tulika Books in 1995. She has been associated with several well-known journals like Social Scientist, and Journal of Arts & Ideas. Indira is a founding partner of the Independen[...]