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A Pottery Story

The Work of Ira Chaudhuri

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A Pottery Story

The book is a simple commemoration of the work of master potter Ira Chaudhuri over seven decades – primarily through more than 150 images of her works, juxtaposed with quotes from the artist. It includes a valuable essay by Ira Chaudhuri which, besides describing her life’s journey and career as a self-taught potter, traces the development of ceramic art in India from its nascency to its ongoing and gradual insertion into contemporary art practice. There are also writings by Nilima Sheikh, Trupti Patel and Ella Datta, which serve to excavate other facets of the artist – her artistic temperament, stylistic influences and signature technique. The book is compiled and edited by Ira Chaudhuri’s son Itu Chaudhuri and his studio.