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Debating Education in India

Issues and Concerns

Maya John

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The essays in this volume amply highlight that education as a component of cultural inheritance remains a contentious issue. Representing the transfer of knowledge, skill endowment, and so on, education harbours the tendency to support and reproduce social hierarchy, as well as the countervailing propensity towards amelioration of vulnerable socio-economic groups. A rich body of work cutting across disciplines, the volume seeks to establish the contentious past, ambivalent present and uncertain future of education. Concerns deliberated in this volume have resonance with issues that are debated internationally during the era of the neoliberal shift.

Maya John

Maya John teaches history at the University of Delhi (India). She is a prominent social activist who has been writing on issues of health, education, labour, gender, social movements, transformative politics and social theory. She has recently co-edited a forthcoming volume Who Cares? Care Extraction and the Struggles of Indian Health Workers.