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Socio-Economic Surveys of Three Villages in West Bengal

A Study of Agrarian Relations

Edited by Aparajita Bakshi , Tapas Singh Modak

Foreword by V.K. Ramachandran

Published in association with Foundation for Agrarian Studies

Socio-Economic Surveys of Villages 5

September 2021

7 x 9 inches

504 pages

ISBN : 978-81-947175-5-3

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The fifth in the Socio-Economic Survey series of the Foundation for Agrarian Studies, this book is based on three village surveys conducted in West Bengal, in June–July 2010 and May–June 2015. The villages studied were Panahar in the Old Alluvial region of Bankura district, Amarsinghi in the New Alluvial region of Maldah district, and Kalmandasguri in the Terai region of Koch Bihar district. The chapters in the book give details of the production conditions, incomes, employment, poverty and human development status of rural households at an important juncture in the State’s development and political trajectory.

Since 2005, the Foundation has undertaken an India-wide programme of village studies, titled Project on Agrarian Relations in India (PARI). The project involves description and analysis, and the creation of a detailed database on villages in diverse agro-ecological regions of the country.

Aparajita Bakshi

Aparajita Bakshi, Associate Professor, RV University, Bengaluru.

Tapas Singh Modak

Tapas Singh Modak is Associate Fellow, Foundation for Agrarian Studies, Bengaluru.

V.K. Ramachandran

V.K. Ramachandran is Vice-Chairperson, Kerala State Planning Board, Thiruvananthapuram.