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  1. Interview with Ari Sitas

    Author Ari Sitas talks about his book Notes for an Oratorio: on Small Things that Fall (like a screw in the night), recently published by Tulika Books in November 2020, in this interview on SABC News, South Africa.   Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxqiw84xQsg   For details of the book, click here    
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  2. Review of Agrarian Studies sale extended to 15 May...

    Review of Agrarian Studies sale extended to 15 May...

    TENTH ANNIVERSARY SALEReview of Agrarian Studiesfrom 1 March to 15 May 2021 On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the journal Review of Agrarian Studies, the Foundation for Agrarian Studies and Tulika Books announce a special sale at attractive discounts! ON OFFER ARE:• a set of 19 print issues of the journal, vol. 1 no. 1 to vol. 10 no. 1 (2011 to 2020), at Rs 8,000*(40% off)• individual print issues of the journal, at Rs 350* or Rs 280*(50% or 60% off, depending on their cond[...]
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  3. Review of "Women and Work in Rural India" by S. Mahendra Dev

    Review of "Women and Work in Rural India" by S. Mahendra Dev

    One of the major issues discussed in employment and development literature is the work of women. The official estimates based on National Sample Survey (NSS) data show low and declining participation rates of women in labour market in India. Time use and other surveys including village studies indicate that there seems to be under counting and under estimation of women’s work particularly in rural areas. The book under review seeks to broaden our understanding of the nature of women’s work [...]
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  4. D.N. Jha (1940–2021)

    D.N. Jha (1940–2021)

    We condole the passing of Professor D.N. Jha, historian of ancient India, and a stalwart in the fight against the falsification and rewriting of history. He was coeditor of the volume Mind over Matter: Essays on Mentalities in Medieval India, published by Tulika Books in  2009. Image: Professor DN Jha, chairing a lecture by professor Irfan Habib, SAHMAT. 2017.
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  5. Interview with Indira Chandrasekhar by  Critical Collective

    Interview with Indira Chandrasekhar by Critical Collective

    CC: You set up Tulika in 1995, after an early career in academia and publishing. What made you choose art as a niche category, especially given the domination of houses like Marg and Roli in determining the bar on critical thinking on art?IC: Tulika Books as a publishing house was set up only in 1995 but my association with publishing in the arts goes back to several years before that. I was associated with the Journal of Arts & Ideas (JAI) as a part of its editorial collective from its inc[...]
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